About Us

The principles have built successful companies with up to 400 employees and we are debt free.

Push It management has the perfect blend of individuals from all walks of life and age groups. This mix leverages experience while focusing on the pulse of a new generation.

Our mission is to provide females, young people, minorities and the underserved opportunities either as resellers or by providing the Push It platform at no-cost and taking an equity position.


Sherilynne Lacny Co-Founder, Female Strategies

Sherilynne’s responsibilities include developing strategies to provide opportunities for women and the underserved utilizing the Push It platform to build a career. read more

Taras Pavlyk Co-Founder

Leading team of developers to build a world class workflow management system which will compete with any enterprise CRM.

Chris Toth CFO & Executive Director

Chris currently serves as an Executive Director of the company overseeing the finance and accounting functions. read more

Dr. Kumara Prathipati Offshore Operations

Kumara leads the offshore software development and operations division. read more

Kristin Walker Underserved Strategies

Kristin's role is forming strategic relationships with organizations who help the underserved earn a meaningful income. read more

Brad Lintott Creative Strategies

Responsible for blending music & the arts into Push It's messaging and landing pages. read more

Jay Lacny Strategic Alliances

Jay establishes strategic direction and vision at Push It. read more

Jewel Khan Form Creation Manager

Jewel leads a team of 20 who create custom forms in 4-24 hours. The team takes your forms and creates a verbatim copy including mapping, spreadsheet formulas and more.

Advisory Board

Christopher Foley Chairman & CEO at iMedX

Mr. Foley possesses more than 25 years of senior executive experience in the healthcare and technology services sectors. read more

Dave Nash Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

David currently focuses on the relationships with UMTS operators on technology direction. read more

Brian Hoskins Founder and CEO at Slingkast

Brian Hoskins is Founder and CEO of Slingkast, a mobile marketing platform for businesses and brands. read more

Elya Kurktchi Global Technology & Operations Executive

Global Business and Operations-focused Executive with experience covering 1000+ data centers across 70 countries and 100K's of servers. read more