This is a partial list of companies which have expressed interested in collaboration:
Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Visa, Lenovo, AT&T, Qualcomm, GoDaddy, Mastercard, Paychex, Dell, Acer, Cox, Time Warner, UPS and more.


Free how to generate lead webinars.
No experience or selling required.
No product knowledge required.
Direct traffic from your website.
Free limited Push It account.

    Year 1 – 20%
    Year 2 – 10%

Sell Just 1 Account Per Week With 10 Users AND EARN: $73,008 Over 2 Years
20% -Year 1: $48,672 
10% - Year 2: $24,336 

Leads are pushed to a DEMO EXPERT by industry & close rate assuring the deals get closed.

Sign up friends, family or coworkers and earn commission from their sales.

    Year 1 – 10%
    Year 2 – 5%
Recruit 10 Affiliates  Who Sell Just 1 Account PER MONTH With 10 Users and you'll
EARN: $21,060 Over 2 Years
10% -Year 1: $14,040 
 5% - Year 2: $7,020

Commissions earned are effort based and there is no guarantee you will earn the estimated amount.
One sale is an estimated 10 licenses per company on the Premium pricing package and paid quarterly. 
Commissions are paid only on revenue received and NOT charged back or services cancelled.
Commissions are paid 45 days in arrears (30 days after refund period) via PayPal or automatic bank deposit once you've earned a minimum of $250.
Customers MUST be using Push It for a minimum of 30 days or 45 days in arrears whichever is greater, without any complaints prior to payment of commissions to avoid refunds & commissions chargeback’s.
Any chargeback’s or refunds will result in debiting of commissions paid.
Commissions are paid as long as the customer is paying or up to their 2rd anniversary, whichever comes first.
Set up fees are non-commissionable.
No commission will be paid unless a W-9 has been paid.
Commissions may be subject to tax withholding if Affiliate is located outside the US.