• Make calls
  • Send emails
  • Dictate notes
  • Share notes with peers or partners
  • Schedule call backs
  • Reassign Tasks
  • Activity is logged
It is nearly impossible to read the calendar on your mobile phone, dial the number, and make notes while driving. 

To help YOU perform tasks while on the road, we have included a virtual assistant. Simply call into your exclusive number and complete tasks as though YOU were seated in front of a computer- all with voice commands. 

By calling into an exclusive number on our PBX servers tasks including calling today's list of clients, sending emails, texts, or voicemails, adding notes and creating appointments are all accomplished via voice commands and recorded in Push It.
Improve productivity safely by utilizing 1-2 hours per day of driving.


  • Share contacts, tasks, notes, files, emails or pictures
  • Virtually eliminates contacting anyone for updates
  • Share internally and externally
  • Instantaneous status change notifications
  • Custom statuses for any workflow

What does it take to keep your business on top of the game? The simple answer is collaboration!
With one click you can share contacts, tasks, files, emails, notes or pictures with peers or partners.
A notification instantaneously appears when taking actions making certain your contacts or tasks are treated with the attentiveness and importance they deserve.
If the peer or partner fails to accomplish the task at the specified time in predefined Contact Rules, it is automatically pulled back to you or reassigned to another collaborator.
Never has collaboration been this simple and transparent.  
If the peer or partner fails to accomplish the task at the specified time in predefined Contact Rules, it is automatically pulled back to you or reassigned to another user or users.


  • Tasks are reassigned when a person fails to meet a predefined timeline
  • Timelines from 1 minute to years
  • Every workflow has its own Contact Rules
  • Configure in minutes
Three common elements are included in any task

*A person or group of people to accomplish the task.
*Any task; IE: phone call, making reservations, employee reviews.
*A time the task must be completed by whether per minute, per hour, per day,   per week, or perhaps just a few times per year.
Management knows what they want done, by whom and within what time period but...
People fail to accomplish tasks for reasons including being overloaded, vacations, or lack of communication.
Users collaborate on a contact or task with predetermined rules on the precise time an action must be taken.
YOU make the decision on how to implement the Contact Rules: the time, the frequency, and in what form, which can be any combination of emails, text messages, voicemails or phone calls and more.
When a user is unavailable to perform the task at the specified time, it is automatically reassigned to another user, group or manager.
Management frustration is eliminated because Push It guarantees that an available person accomplishes the task on-time.


  • Auto-matching of users with prospects or customers who are most similar
  • Commonality increases close and retention rates
  • Push It displays common interests which are threaded into conversation

People typically buy from people they like and are most similar to them.
Users set up a profile of demographic elements including: ethnicity, gender, age, sports, hobbies, marital status and geographical location.  
Prospects & customers are then matched with the demographic data of your sales or support staff that are geographically closest to them using either their work or home address.


  • Reward employees, contractors or partners who excel
  • Distribute opportunities to top performers using YOUR rules
  • Virtually eliminates manual lead distribution

Each employee performs at different levels and those that excel should be rewarded.  Push It measures User performance against their peer group on a percentage basis and then ranks them from top to bottom.
Leads may then be automatically distributed on pro rata basis to those salespeople who have historically outperformed their peer group and provide your company the best return on investment.
To determine ROI, Push It measures compensation, milestones, churn and any data YOU find relevant.
"Push" yourself to success.


  • Ranking of users vis-a-vis peers, groups, branches or company
  • Rank numerically, percentage or performance basis
  • Granular reporting on any data element
  • Auto-calculation of user compensation plus overhead vs. contribution
  • Designed to drastically reduce the time spent by CFO collecting & compiling metrics
  • Chart or tabular formats with narratives designed for executives

This is a two-pronged module designed to provide the CFO's with the granular details on any User, as well as present specific metrics and parameters to determine the return on capital expended. Along with the Contact Rules and Smart Distribution, this feature measures User performance against their peer group using the same basis and criteria. Only this time, XLS and graphical presentations of the data are utilized to make it easier for the manager to discern which employees deserve to be rewarded and which ones require skills improvement.
Push It is also equipped with the functionality to add overhead, cost of leads, salary and compensation to accurately evaluate and recognize the employee that brings more value to the company. For instance, you might be pushing 25% more leads to the top performer in addition to a higher compensation package, thinking that this employee is bringing more value to the business. When the metrics are computed, it might surprise you to realize that the employee ranked as Number 3 actually gives you the most substantial return on capital. Push It makes every aspect of your business a lot easier and simpler.